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Conquering the Complexity – Managing Third Party Risk
COVID19 has compelled many organizations to re-think the nature of their business operating models and the reliance they have on third-party relationships for specialty services, competitive advantage, operational efficiency, and cost savings. Third-party solutions can also introduce new types of risks and fundamentally alter business and operating models within financial institutions and can negatively impact a firm’s reputation if not managed properly.

This session will discuss:

• Different types of non-financial risks and their prevalence and materiality within Canadian financial institutions and beyond.

• How firms are employing technology to alter their risk management and control frameworks

• Are traditional resiliency measures still effective? and what new types of measures/guidance should regulators consider to manage operational risks

• What new risk factors should be assessed within the procurement life cycle and oversight framework?

Speakers from: Miller Thomson LLP, IBM, GRC Solutions and Resolver


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